Want to start your business in Australia, here are the answers that would help them to accomplish

Businessmen or people who aspire to make Australia as their business destination need to submit hard copy documents i.e. original passport, 2 photos according to the norms of Australian visa specification, photocopy of entire passport authentication, invitation letter from Australian company, covering letter on Indian company letterhead, financials like bank statements, Income tax returns and salary slips to the VFS Australia are required mandatorily.

visa for business in Australia

The procedure for availing online Australian business visa does take the time around (10-15 days) and the visa is normally issued for three months.

Few points to note, before you apply for an online Australian business visa

  • The age of business visa applying candidate should fall under 55 years, even though a state or territory can reject this requirement if the proposed business of that particular person is highly exceptional in terms of economic benefits.

He/she should be able to score at least 65 on the points test

  • Moreover, the person who would be applying for an online Australian tourist visa should also know that two out of the four fiscal years immediately before he/she has to apply for this visa. And lastly, the applicant should also have an ownership interest in an established business or businesses that had at least (AUD500,000) turnover in each of the formative years of his/her business.
  • There are some critical points which are needed to be noted for any visa seeking applicant and those points are-
  • The first point illustrate that (51%) of the individual’s business should not have a turnover of less than (AUD400, 000) per year.
  • The second point mentioned in the rule book of Australian High Commission states that (30%) of his business shall have a turnover of (AUD400, 000) or more per year.
  • And lastly, (10%) of his business should be listed publicly.

Although, the abovementioned points clearly state that the valid norms which are needed to be met by an individual who is seeking for the business opportunities in Australia. Thus, the rules of Australian High Commission do say that the business visa applying candidate do need to have a successful business career. And he/she should also acquire free will determination to strive his business in the land of Aussies.

The convenience for obtaining Australian online business visa has become easily feasible to all. If you are planning to step inside the territories of an Australian soil then you don’t need to worry as you could be able to easily avail the ETA visa. And in addition to it, you may also receive your visa confirmation mail within (4 to 24 hours).

The benefits of getting an Australian Business Visa do give the decisive allowance to businessmen who wish to grow their business in Australia. More importantly, it also allows the visa holders to attend conferences and seminars that too without any such payment. Many business tycoons can carry out their businesses on behalf of governmental bodies.

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