Your Ultimate Guide to Student Visa

Enrollment in one of the reputed and popular foreign universities is a dream of many students. To possess a degree from Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Australia, UK and USA can provide anyone a staircase to success in one go. A student visa allows you to stay in a particular country till the completion of your academic course in a recognized institution.                    Guide to Student Visa for Australia

Although the process to get this type of visa involves lot of complicated steps and documentation, but when it comes to fulfilling your ambitions, nothing should stop you from achieving that. And we strongly believe that our readers should not lag behind due to incomplete information about any types of visa. Therefore in order to make the whole process simpler, here is a list of essential points one needs to consider when applying for the visa:

  1. Passport– Your passport must hold the validity period for 10 years. It should be valid for 1 year before you apply for a visa. It must consist two blank pages for immigration and visa stamps as well.
  2. Admission- Once you get admission in university for the appropriate course, then you must submit admission letter or course acceptance letter from the respective university. It must contain all the details of the university along with its address, contact and registration details of the university. It must also contain applicant`s full name, passport details and nationality, course details, fee structures, scholarship and accommodation etc. Some embassies might also need pre-approval from the ministry of external affairs.
  3. Enrolment– Many countries like France needs enrolment process before you submit documents for student visa. If you are an Indian student, there are many centers available in India for registration.
  4. Academic Certificates– Some countries might need the certificates of your academic qualification such as degrees, certificates, mark sheet or transcript which is suitable for the course you have applied for.
  5. Attested Documents & Translation– Some of your documents related to your educational qualification, certificates, and police clearance certificates must be attested from the Ministry of external affairs or respective embassies. Few countries also need a translation of your documents in English, Chinese, and Spanish etc.
  6. Finance & Sponsorship– One of the most important things is to convince the consular about your income or your sponsor`s income, expenses and funds arrangement. It should cover your tuition fee, accommodation, air ticket, insurance and other living expenses. Sponsorship from any organization, parents or relatives are accepted. You can also take educational loan from banks. Some countries also provide you part-time work facility to cover your expenses.
  7. Language Proficiency– Applicants should be able to write, read and speak certain languages. One must appear in exams like IELTS and TOEFL and score good marks.
  8. Character– The applicant must be able to produce police clearance certificates which can be obtained from nearest passport office and should be stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India.
  9. Submission Centers-After preparing all your documents, you must submit it to one of the authorized centers. Some embassies and consulates accept student visa application while some accept it through submission centers directly. Make sure you book a prior appointment as the centers will not entertain you without it.
  10. Interview– The applicant must appear for the interview with the consular. You must appear with all the legal documents that are required. The consular will ask you about your future planning, course, sponsorship etc. Your grant of visa will depend on your interview.

Every country has different set of requirements. It is always advisable to visit their website and read all the guidelines carefully, so that the chance of rejection is reduced. If you have any queries related to Australian Visa, you can visit our website

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