A Travel Guide To Port Fairy, Australia

A coastal town in South- Western Victoria, Australia, Port Fairy lies on the Princess Highway in the Shire of Moyne. The bay was named by the crew of the whaler ‘The Fairy’ in 1828. In early years of 19th century the rugged coast was mainly used by the seal hunters and whalers.

Port Fairy is one of those delightful towns where you would like to extend your stay by another day to find a whole extra world of things to see and do. There famous museums, amazing stretches of coastlines which are perfect for long strolls, a fascinating harbor and arrays of perfectly constructed cottages exuding the old world charm that gleam under the warm ray of sun. Want to explore more? The don`t wait and apply for online Australia ETA and if you have already then check your Australia ETA Status by visiting our website.

How to reach Port Fairy?

From Melbourne- Located at 3 and half hours southwest of Melbourne, the journey is quiet enjoyable with its scenic coastline running parallel along the iconic Great Ocean Road touring route. Although the Great Ocean Road is itself a popular destination, Port fairy is the last stop on this alluring route. The Princes Highway is the second route which is the shortest and quickest route that will take you to your destination in just 3 and half hours.

From Sydney- If you are travelling from Sydney you can take flight or internal transport like train, bus or car to reach there. The road trip will take you approximately 18 to 19 hours. If you have your online Australia ETA approved, you can buy cheapest flight tickets to visit here.

Things to do

Although there are plethora of activities to get indulge in the most popular ones we have listed below:

  1. Historic Walks: There are more than 50 historic buildings in Port Fairy which makes it a perfect site for historic walks. The visitor information center has intrinsic details and information about the town.
  2. Griffiths Island: Walk across a footbridge which is located in South of Gipps Street and will lead you to Griffith`s island. This is the most constructive way to spend few hours. There is a track around the island which includes the lighthouse on the island`s eastern extremity and the Mutton Bird Viewing Point.
  3. East Beaches- When in Port Fairy, there are many popular beaches waiting to be explored. East beach is one of the safest beaches in Victoria. It has kilometers of sand enclosing the crystal clear water. The relaxing atmosphere and melodious sound of waves makes it a perfect spot for those who love taking long walks across the beach.
  4. Killarney Beach- Located just ten minutes from the park, Killarney Beach is another popular tourist destination. Perfect for snorkeling, the gentle nature of this beach attracts many visitors. It is also a great place for fishing spot.

Hidden from the hustle-bustle of the city, Port Fairy is a great destination for those who want to walk the less-travelled roads. Rush now and obtain your online Australia ETA by applying it on our website www.australiae-visa.com .

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