Top 5 Things To Do In Melbourne, Australia

Australia is one of the best countries to offer spectacular tourist destinations in the world. Every person who is travelling to this country must be having Sydney, Melbourne and Perth on their check list. Standing true to their image, these metropolitan cities will never cease to disappoint anyone. It’s a city everyone should visit once in a lifetime and therefore you must apply for your ETA Visa to Australia as soon as possible.

While you must be aware of all the latest things happening in the Sydney and Melbourne, let us tell you about all latest buzz about Perth you can indulge yourself in, when there. This Australian city oozes style, culture and confidence with glittering skyscrapers, verdant green parks and stunning colonial architecture.  This amazing city is going to enthrall you with the pleasant surprises it has in its store. Here is the list of amazing things you can do when you are in Perth:

  1. Take in the spectacular views: Visit the biggest city parks in the world, Perth Botanic Garden and Kings Park. Enjoy the gorgeous views of Canning Rivers and spend your time admiring the beautiful swans along with neatly manicured gardens at one of the top of cafes in the area.
  2. Visit the Fremantle Harbour: Thirty minutes away from the Perth`s center, the Fremantle Harbour has its own unique character that impresses everyone including the first time visitors. There are many sites like Old Courthouse, the Arts Centre and the Fremantle Prison waiting to get discovered. Dwell deeper into the terrific Maritime Museum and Shipwreck Galleries if you want to know the city closely.
  3. Hit the small bars- The small bar movement in Perth has risen exponentially with many good cafes popping up across the city and surrounding suburbs. Be a part of cool crowd at The Aviary or sample wine at Andaluz to have a gala time.
  4. Surf at Perth`s Beaches- Don`t miss out on the city`s beachside towns. To take a sip on freshly brewed coffee, take a stall in Scarborough and visit Kinky Lizard or Wild Fig. After a refreshing beverage head towards the North Beaches to take on the waves. Closer to the city centre, watch the sunset at Cottesloe Beach.
  5. Indulge in adventure sports- Want to do something nerve wrecking? Then go for high-speed aerobatic flight in the Indian Ocean, hanging 360 degrees in the air. This is just the starters! One can take a rally-driving adventure doing hot laps like the professionals for a serious rush.

Don`t just fall for the beaches and night life! Try these interesting activities we have mentioned above and let us know which one you liked the most. But first apply for your ETA Visa to Australia at .

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