These 4 Unusual Events In Australia Will Leave You Speechless

Sydney is Australia`s answer to New York. A cosmopolitan city buzzing with interesting activities, curious travelers and beautiful natives can make anyone fall head over heels with it. Its gorgeous beaches, mild winters with golden beaming rays and fantastic weather attracts millions of people to visit this country again and again.

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But what we are going to mention you here is not about its beaches and obvious stuff that people do when they are in Sydney, we are going to fill you up with interesting things to explore. Also with the introduction of simple immigration process one can now easily apply for the tourist Visa for Australia.

So here we have come up with a handful of exhibitions and events that are garnering great attraction from people around all over the world. How about checking them out below?

  2. Titanic exhibition

Do you remember the 90s iconic movie ‘TITANIC’ starring the beautiful Kate Winslet and charming Leonardo Dicaprio? The movie has left millions of us crying following its dreadful fate. But now you can experience it yourself. The world` s largest and most comprehensive touring exhibition about the iconic ship is on at Moore Park.

The visitors are provided with a boarding pass with the details of an actual passenger after which they will learn about the fate of their chosen passenger. Sounds interesting? That`s not it guys! You can learn to waltz, view beautiful costumes from the movie, listen to true stories of crew and the passenger and can witness a spectacular new immersive virtual reality for great experience.

A must see for families, students, historians, history-buff and of course the fans of iconic Titanic story! So apply for tourist Visa for Australia now!

Time – 29 MAY, 2017 TO 4 FEBRUARY, 2018

WHERE– Moore Park

Moore Park


If you are a loyal Sherlock Holmes fan, then you will love 200 treasures of the Australian museum, which is happening at the city center. From Ned Kelly to Egyptian mummy, you will find more than 100 antiquities and 100 people on display who have contributed to have influenced the nation, museum and regions. Be there to hear and witness some unexpected stories slowly unfolding.

Time– 9.30 am to 5.00 pm

When- December, 9, 2017


If you are an admirer of the finest movies and cult films, then you will be delighted to know about the moonlight cinema. If you are planning to visit Australia and have already applied for tourist Visa for Australia, this open air cinema shows new releases, advance screenings in iconic green spaces in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane.

Date– Friday 1, December, 2017 to Sunday 31 December, 2017

When- Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane



Brickman Awesome presented by Toyota is kicking off its national tour on 27th December, 2017 in Sydney! The show has already become popular by breaking the Lego records even before it has officially begun. The highlight of the exhibition is Ryan’s third exhibition which is made completely from Lego Brick`s.

Brickman Awesome will also be featuring the tallest Lego model in the Southern Hemisphere- a NASA SLS rocket. Standing tall at whopping 7.5 meters, it is built from more than 450,000 bricks and has in-built lightening system, which makes it appear more real life rocket, blasting off!

DATE– 27th December, 2017

Where- City Centre


Don`t just sit and admire these interesting events. Apply for tourist Visa for Australia online and book your seats now! For more information visit us at .

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