Why to rush, when you can read the guidelines for filling an online tourist visa application to Australia.

Now a days, going to Australia does not remain the dream of many individuals but for staying over there for some period of time, people need to attain a legitimate document which shows their validity and prescribes their time period and stay in Australia. Basically, the Australian High Commission issues three different types of visa like tourist visa, transit visa and business visa and all the three are needed for specific purposes and without them the purpose of visit or work of many externally located individuals cannot be completed.

online tourist application for Australia

Norms of Australian High Commission

  • Tourist visa grants rights to every ongoing Indian citizens to live on the grounds of Australia with no fear of getting booked as an illegal immigrant. Moreover, it solves the issues of travellers as they can stay inside the land of Australia for three months. The person who is planning for going to Australia do need to fill an online tourist visa application form which will surely ask for his/her residential proof, date of birth, occupation, purpose of visit and his background. For getting an ETA visa, the person needs to carry a passport and his/her visa will be linked to his/her passport number.


  • The process for filling an online tourist visa application to Australia is easy. In accordance to this fact, people travelling to the Australia should read all the norms and guidelines issued by the Australian High Commission. Australian tourist visa is a mandatory visa for any individual who wishes to explore Australia.


  • One has to endure medicinal test and his/her terms of stay and the age are the few standards which could determine his/her permit to the Australian soil. The person who could apply for ETA visa should not be the victim of anycommunicable diseases like tuberculosis. And the outsider coming to the land of kangaroos shall not be found convicted in any criminal defamation case.


  • The visa filling candidate must score minimum 60 points which is based on several factors like age, work experience, language and education.


  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is also called as Australian Tourist Visa and it permits visitors to stay in Australia for up to 3 months and at the arrival within 12 months from the date the visa was permitted.

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