A Must-Visit Tasmanian Bay Lights Up With Blue Algae & Here`s Why?

I love Australia! The country has much to offer to everybody, which makes it difficult to not to fall in love with this country. The cosmopolitan culture of cities, elite cafes and restaurants, drool-worthy street food, stunning beaches and the legendary Opera House attracts lakhs of tourists.

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The vast landscapes of Australia has so much to offer, but what recently caught the world`s attention towards it, is the ‘Preservation Bay’.  Many of you must be thinking what-so-special-about this one? Right? Well, many visitors to this place are being treated to some serious illuminated sea, much similar to sea sparkle. The reason behind this illumination is this rare single-celled organism known as Noctiluca Scintillans which means night light.

These organisms cause the sea water to glow in neon blue color which shines even more under the moonlight. It’s a scientific mechanism of bioluminescence which has developed in our planet and is a manifestation of protection. Just like a burglar alarm, this organism flashes and illuminates as an animal approaches, citing a threat to its life. This amazing blue spectacle looks spectacular as it is very rare for all the elements to line up at the surface of the water.

moonless night

To make it visible for people to see it, the conditions must be perfect for people to see this neon blue wonder as it is visible only during the night, which needs to be dark as well as moonless night. The water should be very calm with low tides.

For those who are wishing to visit this natural light phenomenon in Tasmania Preservation Bay, they must visit during the warmer months in the north east or to the South Arm in the state`s south. You can apply for the Tourist Visa for Australia online, if you have started planning for to spend your next holiday here in Tasmania. For more information on Australia visa status online visit www.australiae-visa.com !

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