Hobart: 6 Amazing Things To Do In Australia`s Island State

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, is a cultural hub. It displays the vibrant history, food and natural surroundings in the most beautiful way. No matter which activities you are interested in, you will find plenty of interesting things to do in this city.

Oozing with the modern charm along with a dash of historical touch, you can visit Hobart with a valid Australia eta visa. From finest world class art to award winning whiskey, here is a top 10 list of things to do when you are in Hobart:BATTERY POINT

  1. BATTERY POINT– Known as one of Hobart`s most prestigious suburbs, Batter Point has a large number of historic houses in a perfect alignment. The houses are adorned with manicured rose gardens that are admirable. Take a walk around and sneak a bite as there are plenty of bars and cafes. Mt. WELLINGTON
  2. Mt. WELLINGTON- With snow clad mountains and peaks; Mt. Wellington is one of the most popular attractions in Hobart. Standing tall at 1270m high, the views you get from the summit is breathtakingly beautiful. The sky is perfectly blue and clear. You can enjoy 360 degrees views of surrounding Hobart and the vast sea. You can also visit Wellington Park where you can appreciate the natural beauty.   SALAMANCA PLACE
  3. SALAMANCA PLACE– Home to rows of impeccable sandstone buildings, Salamanca Place is a precinct of Hobart. Once a warehouse, now it is a popular tourist destination with buzzing crowd and markets. In 1830, the warehouses were built for the industrial purposes, but now the buildings are converted into shops, restaurants, cafes, boutiques and art galleries. You can visit galleries and museums to find the unexplored pages of Tasmania.SALAMANCA MARKET
  4. SALAMANCA MARKET– For the shopaholics, the place offers plenty of options. With a reputation of Australia`s best, the markets are held every Saturday. You can find vendors selling their unique products, with street performers giving excellent performances and lip-smacking food to try. Keep your Australia eta visa ready along with your passport and visit this place to experience its surreal beauty. MONA
  5. MONA– MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is the place that breathes a whiff of new life into Hobart and put it on the must see destination list of Tasmania. Unlike other museums, it has an interesting vibe to it. Some also call it ‘subversive adult Disneyland’.

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  6. PORT ARTHUR– Listed as a world heritage site, Port Arthur was used by British as a penal facility to send convicts to Australia. Made up of 30 buildings, most of them are in ruins now, but you can still explore the Hospital, the Convict Church and the Separate Prison. Your journey to Tasmania will be incomplete without visiting to this place. Ghost tour is definitely recommended.

Hobart is a very special with daring modern art, hip cafes and restaurants in tow. Tap into its eclectic magic by visiting it. Apply for your Australia eta visa today!

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