How To Explore Capital City of Sri Lanka in 48 Hours

A melting pot of trade opportunities and culture, Colombo is the capital of city of Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists skip Colombo from their list when travelling to Sri Lanka, but there are plenty of reasons to spend some time in this city. From taking a long walk in the sunset to relaxing with some various types of tea, the place can keep you occupied in numerous activities.

If you have a layover at Colombo or you have a travel itinerary that leaves you with only 48 hours or 2 days in Colombo, let us tell you how can you make the most of your time in the capital city of Sri Lanka and how to reap the best out of it:


If you are a foodie and want to explore the local food delicacies, Colombo is an ideal place to do that. Practice the art of gastronomy by simply visiting the local food market and grabbing a lunch packet. Dine like locals and savor the flavors of the beautiful country in delicious rice and spice infused curries. There is an ample amount of food opportunities for seafood lovers too. If you are in mood to try some crab head towards a full blown Sri Lankan buffet.


Enjoy an evening stroll at Galle Face Green with an ice-cream in hand and admire the beauty of nature. With the sky covered in stunning hues of red, orange, pink and purple get lost in the mesmerizing view of nature. A little slow as compared to what other cities and places has to follow, Colombo will reveal its laidback style slowly.


Revisit the history by strolling across the Fort area of Colombo which has a number of relics from the bygone era. Some of the most remarkable and beautiful buildings are located at the heart of fort. Grand and majestic the incredibly constructed buildings stand tall and policemen on horseback will be guiding the traffic in this busy hub.


For the tea connoisseurs there will be numerous varieties of tea to explore. But for those who just want to wake up their souls can try Sri Lankan tea. There are more than 50 types of tea found in the country which is rightly known as ‘pearl of the ocean.


If you have some time left in your hands, then a beautifully renovated Dutch colonial building which was a Dutch Hospital earlier may surprise you. Converted into a shopping complex, it`s cool corridors are aligned with many designer boutiques.

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