How To Experience Sri Lanka Like A Local

Experiencing Sri Lanka`s true vibe can only happen when you travel through local transport, eat local food and get mingle with people. To know how you can enjoy your stay here, continue reading.

Rising out of the ashes, Sri Lanka has strongly bounced back after a 30 year old civil war and the devastation of Tsunami in 2004. In recent years, the country`s natural landscapes, historical sites, white sand beaches and cultural attractions have been getting featured regularly on list of world`s hottest travel destinations.

People from all around the world are visiting the country in multiple folds. In 2016, more than 2 million people visited Sri Lanka- four times more than before Tsunami. Also because the country has introduced a system of online Sri Lanka visa which is easy to obtain. And like any other country, the best way to soak into the vibrant culture of Sri Lanka is to do as the locals do. Travelling all the way from you native country to Sri Lanka and locking yourself inside your room, would just be unfair with its natural reserve.

Sure brave the crowd and do visit all the popular tourist sites, including all the UNESCO world heritage sites such as Galle Fort, Sigiriya Rock Fort, and the ancient capital cities. But also take out some time to get around the city in a local transport, dine in family houses and visit local markets to get to know the real Sri Lanka.


Getting around the country in a car is what most of the people like to do, but that journey will lack pleasure and fun. In a country like Sri Lanka, it is way more interesting to book train-tickets because that will give you a chance to hang out with commuters. With tired feet hanging out the door, long grass kissing the worn-out soles of feet as the train passes through green terraced tea plantations; nothing can be as rejuvenating as this experience.

Hawkers and vendors selling mouth-watering snacks and local food make an incredible part of the journey. Friendly conversation with local fellows travelling along in the same coach will keep you entertained with their simple but interesting chatters.


The most wonderful way to witness the serenity is to visit the Dutch canal in Negombo which is located 40 kilometers north of Sri Lanka`s largest city Colombo. Get a hang of how the locals spend their days in the country. Women wash their linens along the banks, children splashing water and taking bathe while shirtless fishermen repair their nets. If you have received your online Sri Lanka visa, spend few days in local sightseeing.


To experience a city in true sense, visiting the local markets is the best way to know a place. Negombo Fish Market will not disappoint you. Take a help of a local guide and he will show you around the stalls offering the wide range of seafood including prawns, parrotfish, squid, and swordfish. Along with the seafood, you can buy some fresh vegetables as well.

Do like locals to experience the city in the most amazing way. You will have the most enjoyable time of your life in this country. Get your online Sri Lanka visa by visiting our website


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