Enjoy These 7 Free BBQ Spots In Brisbane, Australia

Aussies culture can prove to be a haven for food lovers. Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and especially Brisbane delivers the good when it comes to enjoying smoke grilled delights. Whether it is shrimps, prawns, steaks, snags, fruits and veggies the custom of barbeque is deeply ingrained in Aussies and they proudly boast about it.

The amazing culture of food gives you one more reason to travel to this amazing country. If you haven’t applied for Australia online tourist visa we will advise you to do it now! And for those who have applied already can check out our top picks for the best barbeque places in the Sunshine State Capital Brisbane:

  1. JC SLAUGHTER FALLS– How about enjoying your favorite seafood in a shady bushland. If you go around Mt. Coot-tha, you will see abundance of space, dense forest and barbeques, but JC Slaughter falls is offers something unique.JC SLAUGHTER FALLS
  2. KANGAROO POINT CLIFFS– Nothing, we repeat nothing can beat the pleasure of enjoying lip smacking food atop a cliff with a spectacular sunset in the backdrop. Therefore our favorite is Kangaroo Point Cliffs from where you can enjoy the glittering cityscapes with lights twinkling at faraway distance.KANGAROO POINT CLIFFS
  3. SOUTHBANK PARKLANDS– Providing you the free barbeque facilities at Riverside Green, Aquativity and Picnic Island Green, Southbank Parklands provide licensed places where you can enjoy a day out with your children. The places are close to the popular playgrounds and splash parks. So make the most of the Brisbane summers.SOUTHBANK PARKLANDS
  4. SANDGATE– If you worry about the shortage of food then fret not! With shops selling some of the fresh prawns nearby Sinbad St, you would be committing a sin by not throwing some shrimps for the BBQ.SANDGATE
  5. NEW FARM PARK– A place that can be enjoyed by young and oldies equally, deserves recognition. You can relish BBQ, relax under the trees, and look at the blue sky while enjoying the breeze and a lot more. Do not forget to bring rugs, bedsheet, deck chairs and lot of drinks for a fun-filled day.NEW FARM PARK
  6. ROMA STREET PARKLAND- Grab some of your favorite snacks, you favorite humans and get set for one of the free barbeques on offer for the ultimate day out. These joints operate on first-come first serve basis so kiss your cozy bed goodbye in the morning to secure a spot in the lush parkland.ROMA STREET PARKLAND
  7. ROCKS RIVERSIDE PARK- Pull your kids out of their phones and play-stations and take them to the largest riverfront park of Brisbane. They can have some real adventures in the playgrounds, basketball ground, bikeways, riverside promenade while you prepare your favorite food to one of the many barbeques available.ROCKS RIVERSIDE PARK

What are you thinking about? You can have much more fun than we have mentioned here if you are a real foodie. One of the things which you shouldn’t forget is to relish your BBQ indulgence when in Australia. You can also go to one of the coffee boutiques that serve authentic cup of goodness. Apply for your Australia online tourist visa by visiting our website www.australiae-visa.com.


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