Discover Australia`s Most Spectacular Hikes

Australia is not only home to an array of spectacular coastlines, cities and mountains, but also spectacular hiking trails that lure hundreds of hikers to travel here from across the world. The sense of solitude and escape from the mundane while exploring the unknown path not only excites the natives but also captivates the tourists too.

For travel junkies who are always keen on getting some adrenaline rush, we have come up with a list of trekking trails in Australia that can give you a rush and a peaceful escapade. If you have visa already then be ready to come across the places you have never seen before. But if you haven’t applied yet, fill Australia Visa Application Form right here and get it online.


For those who are not professionals but still want to take the experience of trekking should head to Great Ocean Walk which is one of the easier hikes. It will take you across the rugged western coastline from Apollo Bay right through to Glenample. From shorter treks to hiking the full 60 miles, visitors will have plenty of choices to come face to face with both gum and eucalyptus trees.

Great Ocean Walk, 12 Apostles, Gibson Steps, Victoria, Australia


Hikers who are technically sound and know all the tricks of the drill, the Blue Mountains National Park offers one of the most complex hiking trails throughout Australia. Six Foot Track is UNESCO World Heritage Site that will take you along a heritage horse track from 1884 through the park where you will pass through waterfalls, eucalyptus forests and cross through gorgeous views below. It is the trip to Katoomba where you will witness the unparalleled views from distinct rock tower formation.SIX FOOT TRACK, NSW


Ideal for snorkeling and kayaking, the Whitsundays is popular escape destination. But if you are after an alternative vacation then a trek through Conway National Park on the mainland is the next ting for you. The islands offer one of the most picturesque views of the island. Take in the scents of the strangler figs, tulip oaks, and Alexandra palms or come face to face with spectacular Ulysses butterflies and climb to the summit of Mt. Hayward for a view like no other.CONWAY CIRCUIT (WHITESUNDAY GREAT WALK), QLD


If you want to take on a journey which is spiritually powered, head along to one of the most popular hiking trails in the world is for you. The one way walk starts in Alice Springs that will bring you face to face with unexpected oasis of nature. The majestic but difficult trail is 223 kilometers long and you will witness some of the most vibrant and idyllic sunrises across the landscapes.

Bushwalkers at Simpsons Gap on the Larapinta Trail

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