Discover 5 Beautiful Spring Destinations In Australia

Australia is becoming the hottest tourist destination and by hottest we definitely don`t mean the temperature. Although it’s a fact that you might get a chance to see different faces of summers when here, but most of the people love this country because of its perfect balance between sizzle of summer and nip of winder. But the best time to explore this country is spring, when the country is covered with a blanket of beautiful flowers.

So if you have applied for your tourist visa to Australia, let us enlighten you with best spring destinations in Australia:

CANBERRA– Featuring some of the best art galleries and mausoleums in the country, Canberra is much more than just a political epicenter. It a well-developed precinct for dining and stunning natural landscapes that can leave you awe-struck. The best to time visit the capital city is September or October as the city hosts the annual Floriade festival which features millions of vibrant flowers extended in 8000 square meters.

THE WHITSUNDAYS- Although the Whitsundays offer spectacular views and pleasant climate round the year, but travelling in the month of September has many benefits. You can enjoy a tropical climate which is more pleasant comparatively to October to May.  Located in north Queensland, it enjoys a tropical climate which often includes rainstorms and humidity, but the temperature sits pleasantly at 26 degrees in September. It`s also a perfect time to watch humpback whales through the Great Barrier Reef.

HUNTER VALLEY- Located in New South Wales, Hunter Valley is a popular destination amongst honeymooners. Visiting this place in the shoulder season means lesser crowd which makes it easy for anyone to explore the place. In spring, the place blooms with panoramic views of the countryside and the Spring Festival where tourists can also book a hot air balloon flight.

COOBER PEDY– Located in South Australia, Coober Pedy is an outback town which is also known as the ‘opal of the world’. The place is famous for its ‘dugout homes’ which are basically houses constructed underground to escape the unforgiving desert heat. The temperature soars to 36 degree Celsius during the summer.  Be sure to explore The Breakaways, Umoona Opal Mine & Museums, and the historic Old Timers Mine.

BYRON BAY- Byron Bay is a Bohemian enclave, located in easternmost Australia. It is one of the famous destinations on the coast with sublime beaches, lush wilderness and new-age retreats. The place is blessed with mild temperatures all the year round; however spring has the lowest average rainfall.

When planning to visit Australia in September, do not forget to visit all the places that we have mentioned in this blog. The places are not only worth exploring but will also give you a good value for your money. Apply for your tourist visa to Australia if you haven`t already. You can do it also by visiting us at

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