A Guide to Australia for Beginners: Part I

Divided into eight states and territories, Australia with 7.7 square kilometers of geographical area is a vast continent. Every single region provides an exceptional and unique experience for visitors. Famous for its coastlines, gleaming cityscapes and abundant outback and wildlife, Australia can send anyone into mind-boggling trance.

This to make it a little simple and informative, our short guide to Australia will throw light on this amazing country in three parts. Beginners can easily understand the region and places, so that they can make their travel plans accordingly. This short guide can prove beneficial, especially to those who has applied for Australia ETA visa. Check it out here:

New South Wales

Sprawling across the southern chunk of the East Coast, NSW is Australia`s most populated state with Sydney`s five million inhabitants. The first province that was established by the British in 18th century, NSW continues to play big tourist placards with Sydney continuously providing beautiful drawcards like Opera House and Bondi Beach for the international arrivals.With the flourishing charming cities like Newcastle and Wollongong, the sun-kissed beaches of Central and South Coast, Byron Bay and dozens of little towns, NSW boasts of plethora of places to be discovered. If you have applied for Australia ETA visa, make sure you explore beyond Sydney.


Victoria that comes second to NSW when it comes to population is merely less than a third the size of its northern neighbor NSW, with almost 5 million people calling Melbourne as home. When it comes to popularity, Melbourne closely follows Sydney as the city oozes out charm. Famously known for its amazing cuppa of coffee, sports and culture, what makes Melbourne more special is its unpredictable climate. Beyond Melbourne, Victoria is home to Great Ocean Road, popular for the most serene road trips, Torquay for surfing and Phillip Island, Gippsland and the Grampians making it a perfect place to discover for those who are thinking to apply for Australia ETA visa.


Blessed with sunshine round the year, travelers have to look outside the city to see and do some interesting things in Queensland. From Coolangatta on the NSW border to the tip of Cape York, the north-east border of Australia befits the slogan ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’. The state boasts of all the gems that lure the travelers. From Great Barrier Reef to Whitsundays and Magnetic Island, gorgeous Golden beaches, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland, Queensland is home to state`s strongest selling points. Want to explore Great Barrier Reef? Apply for Australia ETA visa, now!

Although we have much more to tell you about the wonderful Land Down Under, we would like you to first learn about the three states we have mentioned in this article. This three –part guide to Australia will definitely help you understand more about this country. So apply for Australia ETA visa if you haven`t yet, as by the end of the series, you will definitely love to travel to Australia.

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