9 Tips For Backpackers Going To Australia

Australia is an amazing country. A hub of millions of career opportunities, hundreds of beautiful places to visit and lively culture, it is rapidly becoming popular for migration among the Gen Y. Our Gen Y that believes in living their lives independently, take their career and ambitions very seriously.

So if you are also thinking about going to Aussie land on a working holiday visa or Tourist Visa or Business Visa to Australia, let us tell you, it is definitely not a cake walk. But if you are determined to settle down there, here are few tips you might consider few things beforehand:

  1. Our first advice might sound crazy to you; after all planning is the key to successful expeditions. But here we would like to suggest you not to organize everything too far in advance. Those guidebooks and ‘how-to-do-well-in-a-foreign-country’ whitepapers should be avoided and must be left for later use.
  2. Although our modern technology has made so many advancements that you may stay connected with your family and loved ones easily, getting an Australian mobile number is advisable before you go. You can share it with your family and friends to stay connected.
  3. Always be cautious! To be afraid of the unknown is never good, but to be aware and alert about your surroundings can prove beneficial.
  4. Keep your favorite expensive jewelry back at home as it is not safe to carry valuables to different country. Always pack the basics when travelling overseas.
  5. With cellphones replacing our need to memorize contact numbers, it has become essential that you note down emergency contact numbers in a diary. In a crisis or emergency situation they can come handy. Also memorize local police, ambulance and fire service numbers.
  6. Try to keep your luggage to minimum as carrying large bags may result you in paying for extra baggage at the immigration.
  7. Keep your checks and cards in different places. This will ensure that you have limited cash in case your bag or wallet is stolen.
  8. Label luggage with your name, address and phone number.
  9. Check your passports, visa and other related documents in one place.

Bon Voyage and have a wonderful experience in the Aussie Land. For visa related information visit australiae-visa.com.

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