7 General Visa Terms Everyone Should Know About

Want to explore the world by travelling across the globe but not having a clue where to start from? Well then let us make your task little simpler. Travelling is fun. It lets you explore different horizons which not only give you a fresh perspective on various things but also enhances your personal growth.

So if you want to travel internationally then the first and foremost thing that you will encounter is-Visa. Different countries provide different guidelines for visa; however the process is more and less similar. If you have applied for the desired visa type or want to initiate the process, you need to become aware of various specifications.

Every single word used in the application for or throughout the process of visa is specialized. Most of the people are unaware with these specified terms and definitions that the authorities use while instructing us about the visa processing or the visa updates. So here the few terms and their meaning that are frequently used in the visa process:

Stay validity & Visa validity– The visa validity signifies the how long the visa is valid. It indicates exactly from which date to which date, the traveler is permitted to go to a specific country and what is the last date for the exit.

On the other hand stay validity indicates the number of days the traveler can remain in the country. The stay validity is generally less than the visa validity. Fir e.g. a tourist Visa for Sri Lanka visa issued on 05th Feb 2018 to 05th Mar 2018 and the duration of stay is 10 days. So here the one month period from 05th Feb to 05th Mar is the visa validity and the 10 days within this period is the stay validity.

Entry controlled visa- When a visa is required only to enter into a particular country then it is an entry controlled visa. For instance- the normal tourist UAE visa is issued for 58 days. The visa allows the traveler to stay for 29 days on this visa from the date of entry. That implies if you enter on the 57th day from the date of issuance you can still stay in UAE for 29 days from that day. Also, you need not have to valid visa while exiting the country.

Exit controlled visa- As the name suggests, the exit controlled visa is completely opposite to entry controlled visa which makes it necessary for a traveler to exit the country before the visa expires. If your visa is valid to say from 11th Feb 2018 to 11th Mar 2018 and the duration of stay is 10 days, and you travel on 5th March, you won’t be permitted to stay for 10 days even if your visa pursues the duration of stay as 10 days. You should leave the country most extreme on 11th March 2018.

Embassy & consulate- You must have heard about embassy or consulate where the entire process of visa application takes place. But what exactly are they? An embassy or consulate refers to government representations in another nation. An embassy is the higher representation while a consulate is a smaller version. A country will have only one single Embassy in the foreign country while it can have consulates in many cities of the same country.

Business days-A business day is nothing but basically official working day of the week. The business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays or any other special holidays that the Embassy or Consulate will take after.

Stamp visa– A stamp visa demonstrates your entrance ticket to the nation. In most of the cases your visa is appended or rubber stamped on the passport.

E- visa– This is an electronic representation of the visa. The visa can be applied by completing an application form online with personal details. You will receive your visa on your e-mail id which you will provide in the form.

So next time when you hear one of the technical terms at the consulate or by the authorities, don`t scratch your head. As we have explained the most used terms in the most simplified language. For more visa assistance visit sri-lankaeta.com!

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