6 Reasons To Spend Christmas In Australia Than Anywhere Else!

The festival of Christmas evokes lot of emotions inside everybody. For some it fills their imagination with appealing images of a snowman with a long nose, while some picturize Santa in red costume and long white beard riding on his sleigh. But when it comes to celebrating Christmas the Aussies way, nothing can beat the experience.

If you are planning to go to any of the amazing cities in Australia, it is recommended to apply for a tourist eta visa in advance so that you can check online Australia ETA status to go ahead with your bookings. Here`s why you should head to the land of kangaroos if you are not already planning to go there:

Australia Weather

  1. The Weather

Most of us have experienced celebrating Christmas in winters, all decked up in woolens. But in Australia, you can spend your Christmas basking in the sunrays. While sitting by a bonfire surrounded with your family may appear inviting at first but as soon as the novelty wears off, everybody wants to be in their comfortable pajamas.

Warm weather can instill our hearts with warmth and that is what we all need on the Christmas Day. Happy mood, Happy Hearts!

Austraian Stylish Festivities

  1. Stylish Festivities

Yes, for some, getting all decked up under the layers of knitted sweaters and coats might sound like fun, but most of the people would like refrain from doing that. December in Australia is relatively hot, and you can take out your best summer outfit to bring your inner diva out. Probably that short red dress can make up for the ruthless winters.

austraian Food

  1. Food

You can enjoy the seasonal fruits like mangoes and cherries, on the Christmas evening along with appetizing seafood and barbeques, happening outside. A little different from the usual parties, you can experience the palm trees blowing in the background taking you for a swing with a cocktail glass in hand.


  1. Christmas Bush

The act of dressing up the house is just as important in this continent as it is in Europe. But the Aussies prefer ‘Christmas Bush’, which is a cream-colored flowering plant. It gradually deepens to a rich red hue to mark the joyous occasion of 25th December.

ausraila Carols with Candlelight

  1. Carols with Candlelight

Contrary to the most popular belief, Aussies do follow the Christmastime Traditions. Carols by the candlelight is one of Australia`s favorite pastime. People enjoy this melodious break from the hustle bustle of the regular life and coming together to join in song. So join in and apply for the visa and keep yourself updated and check online Australia ETA status.austraila Festivals

  1. Festivals

With summer in full swing, there is a long list of festivals following the Christmas day. One can enjoy one of the finest musical festivals and see the entire country coming to life. The list includes Falls Festival, Subsonic Music FestivalWoodford Folk Festival, Lost Paradise and Field Day.

Don`t fret over which city to go as you will have the same kind of amazing experience wherever you head to! Book your visa now and to know more kindly visit www.australiae-visa.com

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