6 Incredible Islands Of Australia Which Are Perfect For Day-Trips

Australia`s beautiful Sydney has been the most popular destination amidst the visitors since ages. From Sydney opera house to harbor bridge, the city offers spectacular sites and places to visit. From botanical gardens to national galleries and museums, the list is endless. And this makes this country truly a destination apt for tourists. If you too are planning to visit here, all you need is an online Australia visa to travel here.

Sydney is not only a metropolis city with various iconic buildings and architecture but is laden with islands just offshore. Whether you have a layover or staying in Sydney for a day or two during your vacations in Australia, our island-hopping guide to Sydney will tell you about the islands that are apt to spend a day:

  1. COCKATOO ISLAND– The island is one of the most popular harbor island destinations. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island was one of the country`s biggest shipyards during the year 1857 and 1991. The island gained its heritage status due to its extensive examples of large-scale shipyard operations and layout. Cockatoo island boasts plenty of amenities and activities. From camping to audio tours, exhibitions to basketball court, night tours to kayaking, you can get indulge in any activity.COCKATOO ISLAND
  2. SHARK ISLAND- Located at just a kilometer away from the shore of Rose Bay in Sydney Harbor the tourists can witness breath-taking views of the city skyline, surrounding waterways and bridge.SHARK ISLAND
  3. FORT DENSION- Formerly known as Pinchgut Island, Fort Dension is located a kilometer away from the Sydney Royal Botanical Garden. The island is perfect for day trips with friends and families. The place has an array of restaurants and museums.FORT DENSION
  4. RODD ISLAND- Boasting some of the best surrounding views of Sydney Harbour, Rodd Island has beautiful gardens that are manicured perfectly. It also has a dance hall and two summer houses where visitors can relax and enjoy.

    Rodd Island, Sydney Harbour National Park
  5. GOAT ISLAND- The Island which is spread across 300-meters wide, it is located just off the shore. Over the years the Island has been used for a list of purposes. From police station to film set, quarry to explosives store, the place has a cultural significance that has made it a must-visit destination. Originally inhabited by indigenous people, the island today is open to the public, with guided tours.GOAT ISLAND
  6. SCOTLAND ISLAND– Situated in northern Sydney in an estuary called Pittwater, this island community thrives. Full of beachesĀ and a vibrant community of 1,000 people, the island is a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city.SCOTLAND ISLAND

What are you waiting for? These islands will make you trip all the more enjoyable. If you want to apply for online Australia visa, kindly visit australiae-visa.com.

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