6 Essential Things That Travelers Should Carry On A Trip To Australia

Even a thought of spending holidays in Australia can fill anyone with excitement and joy. With tropical rainforests, crystal-clear water, sun kissed beaches, bustling cities, mountain ranges and so much more to discover, it is easy to get fascinated by the country. Plus by getting online Australia ETA, it has become easier than ever before to go to this amazing country.

What the most difficult part when travelling to this country is what to pack and what not to pack. From a completely unpredictable temperature to beaches to mountain ranges, visitors might get confused about the essential items which they must pack. Making this task a little easier for you, we have listed below the items which are essentially important and one thing which you should definitely leave behind:

  1. SUNSCREEN– Australia`s sun is as deadly as a venomous snake. With an average UV radiation level of 11 during summer, the country has a highest rate of skin cancer in the world. So make sure you pack a good sunscreen with SPF 50+and apply dollop of it when you are out doing some sightseeing or visit the country especially during summer.
  2. INSECT REPELLENT– The Aussie land is always abuzz and by that we mean that from mozzies to house flies to bush flies and creepy crawlies, you may find plenty of insects in this land. Packing insect repellent will not only keep the bugs away but will also protect you from any disease along with insect bites. If trekking or hiking a dense trail is on your mind then you must ensure that you carry a mosquito net.
  3. WETSUIT- With a widespread coastline stretching across 25,760 kilometers and more than 10,000 beaches, you are likely to get wet on your trip down under. One of the places to find surfing hot-spots, world famous beaches, sports activities and the largest coral reef on the planet you are definitely going to need a wetsuit or a swimsuit.
  4. RAIN JACKET- Packing a rain jacket or a parka can save you from getting wet even if you don’t have any plans to visit the mountains. By keeping the notorious temperament of the country in mind, you must pack your stuff as just never know when you will get caught in a downpour of rain. At the very least, pack a plastic poncho, which is light to carry and hardly takes up any room.
  5. FLIP FLOPS- Packing a pair of colorful flip flops is mandatory when travelling to a place that is home to number of famous beaches. To feel the sand under your feet, we totally recommend you to wear them to the beach because they can be removed easily when its necessary and can be worn again.
  6. WHAT YOU SHOULDN`T BRING- As an island, the border patrol officers have strict rules on what can be brought into the country. Perishable food are prohibited in the country, so it`s better to leave it behind if you are thinking about carrying any. The country is full of chic restaurant and cafes so don’t worry about the food.

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