5 Ways You Can Transfer Your Visa

Have you ever lost your passport just when you were trying to board plane? Or has it ever happened to you that your passport pages got exhausted with valid visa on it or it was stolen with bona fide visa stamp? Well incidents like these leave you only with the two options- either you get a new passport or second to transfer or get a new visa.

Getting a new passport is a process with which most of the people are aware of. But second option is somewhat confusing and little complicated if you are completely new to this process. If you are one of those who are completely clueless about what should be done on losing a passport or how to transfer visa from old passport to new passport, here are 5 scenarios to transfer your visa:

  1. Transferring an E-Visa or Label-Less Visa

An E-Visa is a legal permit which is issued electronically and is often connected to your passport number at the time of submitting application. On receiving a new passport, the authorities such as consulates, embassies and application centers must be informed so that they can update your records. This will make it possible for you to travel with your same visa on the new passport.

  1. Transferring Label-Less Visa to a Label Visa

The process of transferring the label-less visa to a label visa is somewhat similar to the above process. The only difference is that one has to fill up an application form and pay required fees for the entire process.

  1. Transferring A Visa Into A New Passport

This process involves little more steps and is comparatively tedious. If you want to transfer a visa into a new passport, you will be required to submit a list of documents. Some countries may ask you for more documents to complete the transfer process. The list of the documents is below:

  • Old passport (if available)
  • If the old passport is stolen, you must provide a police report showing that the passport is stolen.
  • If your old passport was not retuned along with the new passport then you must provide a cover letter attached with your application advising of this.
  • New passport
  • If there are any modifications in your name in old passport, you must provide evidence for the name change.
  • A completed application for transfer of visa
  • If you are transferring a label-less visa, you can submit a request letter instead of the application form. Always ensure that you include your personal details and explaining what exactly you are requesting for.
  • If more than one family member is applying for the visa transfer at the same time, a separate application form duly filled is required for each person requesting a transfer. In this case you will have to pay the fees
  1. If You Hold A Citizenship Of Two Countries

Most of the countries do not provide the facility to transfer visa to a new foreign passport. In order to travel on your foreign passport, you need to request for Citizenship Endorsement and not a transfer of visa.

  1. Visa Is Damaged

If unfortunately your visa has been damaged, you will have to reapply for the visa. Your application will be considered as fresh and you will have to undergo the whole process once again. Your previous visa will be cancelled on your passport.

If you have transferred your visa to your new passport, it is still advisable to carry your old passport. In case if your visa or passport gets stolen always inform the authorities, immediately. Due to different policies, some countries allow the transfers and some don`t. In the second you will need to apply for a brand new visa.

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