5 Top Natural Wonders Of Tasmania, Australia

Considering its natural abundance, Tasmanian car number plate befits the slogan ‘your natural state’, perfectly. With national parks and reserves sprawling across more than 40 percent of the state, few natural features stand out. Here is our pick of Tasmania`s finest natural reserve:Wonders Of Tasmania

CRADLE MOUNTAIN–  With Australia’s fifth highest mountain which is also supposed to be the most recognizable natural feature, our list features Cradle Mountain at the top. Rising incredibly out of the Dove Lake, the bowed summit of Cradle Mountain in the shape of a shark fin is a rare and distinct Australian Landform. If you want to visit this place, first you will have to apply for online Australia ETA.

WINEGLASS BAY– There might be whiter sands in the world but you will never find a white beach as perfectly shaped as Wineglass Bay. Curling in an arc between two lines of low mountains, Wineglass Bay stands true to its name. The place derived its name due to some bizarre reason. In early days it was a whaling station due to which the bay`s waters ran red from blood. But recently with upgraded safety measures, the hike to the beach has become easier.

TESSELLATED PAVEMENT– Eagle Neck is wondrous enough to blow your mind. A sand cervix so narrow, that authorities have to deploy a line of dogs across it to prevent the prisoners from escaping the Port Arthur. On the northern end of its ocean bench is located Tessellated Pavement. This coastal platform of rock has been eroded into a geometrically grid of rectangular rocks which resembles the paving stones.

LAKE RHONA– If you love sandy beaches, head to Tasmania`s east coast or for a more discreet experience how about a sandy beach high in a remote mountain range? Lake Rhona snuggles swiftly into the slopes of Denison Range near Lake Gordon and the sandy beach along its northern shores. You can reach the lake only by overnight hiking, crossing the Gordon River, but the hike is worth it. Make sure you obtain your online Australia ETA before the date of your travel.

MARIA ISLAND CLIFFS-The place exudes nothing but serendipity. So serene the place is, that even one of its prisoners has described it one of the loveliest spots formed by nature.  Rising high to the north of the prison are the Fossil Cliffs which is composed of 300-million-old shells. One can find even more refined form of nature with Painted Cliffs, where the low sandstone cliffs swirl with psychedelic natural patterns.

These are the top 5 wonders of Tasmania that will leave you spell bound with their striking beauty. So what are you waiting for? Book your online Australia ETA by visiting our website www.australiae-visa.com.

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