5 Major Reasons You Should visit to Melbourne in Australia

According to Economist Intelligence Unit’s global, all the five cities are included in the most livable city survey and come in top 20. While Melbourne has been declared as the most livable city in the world, Sydney ranked 11.

Surprisingly, it is the first time in the survey`s history of 15 years that a city has held the top spot in its own right for seven consecutive years. Considering the instability and turmoil many other cities in the world are experiencing, Melbourne`s Myki system and temperamental weather appear bearable. Now you can easily apply for a visa and check Australia online visa status too!

In case you are still in doubt let us give you more reasons to visit this city at least once in your life:

  1. SPORTS CAPITAL– The city was the first in the country to host the Olympic Games. Not only that but the Australia Football League originated in Melbourne. The city was also received the title of World’s Ultimate Sporting City by Sport Business in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2016.


2.CULTURE CAPITAL– It is also considered as the cultural capital of Australia. The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest and most popular art gallery in the whole continent while the Melbourne Museum is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.


  3. COFFEE- A hot cuppa of freshly brewed coffee can make even a bad morning into a happy day and this city can do it in the best day. Crammed with boutique cafes, you can taste the most authentic coffee here. The expert baristas respect the art of coffee making and can put all the world famous coffee chain brands to shame.


  4.EASY TO NAVIGATE- The Central Business District is simple to navigate as it comprises straight roads laid out as a grid and blocks which makes it extremely convenient to navigate from one place to another.

EASY TO NAVIGATE in australia  5.MULTICULTURAL- what makes it the most wonderful city to live is its multicultural behavior. Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese people make up a significant portion of the population, and Melbourne is also home to the largest Greek population of any city outside of Greece.


If you are planning a trip to Kangaroo Island for its beaches, you will be amazed to explore various other things this city has to offer. So plan your trip in advance to apply for visa. You can now check Australia online visa status too!

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