5 Interesting Things To Do At Arugam Bay

If the agenda of your next trip is to seek nirvana and take a break from urban life, then head to Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka. There are so many hip restaurants, cafes and shacks on the main street lined up across the street. Offering a laid back atmosphere, people come here for the surfing and happening beach parties. So if you want to spend a great time along the sea but want to avoid the crowd, head to Arugam Bay.

Arugam Bay
Arugam Bay

Now as getting a visa for this islandic country is easier than before, you can get ETA Visa to Sri Lanka. You can fill up the application form to apply for it. You will find plenty of sports activities to indulge. Here are the most common activities you can try your hands on.

  1. SURFING- Our very first activity is the obvious one. Arugam Bay is considered to be one of the world`s top surfing destinations. So if you decide to go there, you must try surfing. The A-Bay offers three main surfing spots – Main Point, Whiskey Point and Peanut Farm. All the three surfing spots are located at a short distance from the Arugam Bay. You can notice dozens of people trying surfing for the first time.
  2. YOGA- If attaining spiritual peace is your motto; you will find various destinations for Yoga practice. You can find tons of meditation and yoga centers across the street. So if you feel like giving your mind & body a break, head to one of the centers, get some exercise and relax a bit.
  3. RENT A BIKE– Exploring the places on your own has its own charm. You can go to anywhere you want without having any restrictions. So if you like riding bikes, then Arugam Bay offers excellent roads along with beautiful sites throughout.
  4. BEACH DAYS- If you want to spend the entire day by doing nothing, then head to the beach. T A-bay offers a beautiful and long beach which is perfect to chill and watch the day slipping. You can take a plunge in the ocean, play some beach volleyball or simple tan your skin while sipping on fresh coconut water.
  5. MAMBO`s SATURDAY NIGHTS- If you happen to be at Arugam Bay on a Saturday, then visiting a Mambo`s beach party is an absolute must. The music keeps blaring out till everyone leaves and the party goers ensure that they welcome the sun at the beach.

Take part in yoga sessions, rent a bike to explore the never ending roads, lie in hammock, read a book, surf and play, and do whatever your heart craves for. Arugam bay is a perfect destination to have fun. Get your ETA Visa to Sri Lanka in few hours and for more details kindly visit www.sri-lankaeta.com .

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