4 Popular Day Trips from Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not just a metropolis of Australia but also brims with plenty of alluring day trips. A short hop from the city can take you to various places full with awesomeness. Read on to know about the places you can visit near Sydney.

Encompassed with sparkling waterways and World Heritage-listed remote areas, Sydney is that one city that offers ample of opportunities in and out of its border. You can see the raw beauty of the Blue Mountains or soak in the sun at one of Sydney`s iconic golden beaches. Adventures run the gamut and one can indulge into sand boarding, fishing and whale watching along the coast.

If you have applied for Australia ETA visa then plan your adventures with this list of the popular day trips from Sydney:

Blue Mountains National Park

This popular day trip from Sydney is a UNESCO World Heritage Area, famous for its breathtaking beauty. The mountains got its name from the blue maze produced by the eucalyptus trees due to the oil that is naturally present in them. Visitors and locals come in equal numbers here to immerse themselves in the 664,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness, waterfalls, rugged gorges, aboriginal rock paintings and more than 140 kilometers of hiking trail. Visit here if you love hiking.

The Hunter Valley

Another popular escape around 250 km from Sydney is the much famous Hunter Valley. A popular spot and hotspot for foodies, this beautiful valley is one of Australia`s oldest grape-growing regions. Famous for its fresh produce and artisan foods, one can simple relish plenty of local produce such as cheeses, aromatic oils, chocolate, olives, chutneys and luscious golden honey. After feasting on local delicacies, you can hike nature trails in the eucalyptus-scented wilderness of World Heritage-listed Barrington tops and Wollemi National Parks. Apply for Australia ETA visa and visit this spectacular valley located at a short distance from Sydney.

Hawkesbury River Cruise

Located at an hour distance, Hawkesbury is located in the northwest of Sydney and is one of the most beautiful rivers in Australia. In 1794, the first settlers arrived in this area and established farms that helped feed the colony. The river thus played an important role in the early days of colony of New South Wales. The area is dotted with many tourist attractions such as heritage buildings, museums, galleries and markets.

Royal National Park

An astounding piece of land in Australia, Royal National Park is a haven for nature lovers and beach bums. Outlined by the azure waters and crowned by various cliffs, this national park is located at an hour distance from Sydney. Perched atop on a sandstone plateau with deeply nicked valleys, the park also has the Hacking River that flows to almost its entire length, providing opportunities for boating and fishing.

Although Sydney has a charm that is difficult to get over from, but these day-trips can simply give you a unique experience from a city-life. So apply for Australia ETA visa and prepare an itinerary that will guarantee you a memorable time. For more visa related information, log on to australiae-visa.com.

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