4 Great Things To Do In Adelaide, Australia Which Most Of The Visitors Miss

If you want to visit to Adelaide but can`t find anything worth doing, then may be because you are not looking at the right thing. Home to some of Australia`s most renowned museums such as the Art gallery of South Australia, Adelaide is South Australia`s cosmopolitan coastal capital which makes it a must visit destination if you have planned to travel to the country.

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So just to make your travel itinerary more vast and intriguing, we are going to tell you 5 most irresistible things to do in Adelaide:The Adelaide Oval Scoreboard

The Adelaide Oval Scoreboard– If you don`t fall in love with Adelaide Oval`s out-of-time scoreboard at the very first instance then you must be a robot. Because the most fascinating thing about it is that there is no electronic gimmickry or machinery on the scoreboard which is 104 years old. It only has numbers and letters that are carefully painted onto wood and slotted flawlessly into place. Morialta Conservation Park

Morialta Conservation Park– Spread across 533 hectares, the Morialta Conservation Park is located 10km northeast of the city center. This conservation park was a gift for the people of South Australia from John Smith Reid. He decided to donate part of his inherited land as a public reserve and the rest is just history. The park is effectively a canyon with walking trails set in a crisscross pattern. Waterfalls that transform themselves from stream into dainty trickle, chunky rock faces and a melodious chorus of birdsong makes for a harmonious ambience. The National Wine Centre of Australia

The National Wine Centre of Australia- With so many famous vine regions such as Clare, McLaren Vale and Barossa, it is a no surprise that most visitors head straight out to the vines for vine tasting. But the National Wine Center of Australia is a perfect substitute. Located just outside the city center and part of the University of Adelaide, it`s definitely a function space. The Migration Museum Courtyard

The Migration Museum Courtyard- The museum which is located in the mish-mash of university buildings is small but a fascinating place to visit. It goes back to the time and stories of arguments over where to site the capital, the treatment of the local Aboriginal people and racist language test given to would be settlers under the White Australian policy.

These places are given thumbs up by the avid travelers and tourists who have spent considerable time in Adelaide. Thus we highly recommend the above mentioned places to visit at least once. If you are waiting for ETA to get approved then you can check Australia ETA Status online, also if you are unaware of how to apply for it, you can visit the website www.australiae-visa.com for more information.  

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