4 Gorgeous Towns That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Australia!

Australia is certainly a beautiful country to visit. More than 6, 70,000 people apply for online Australia ETA every year. With impressive and world class cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney the country lures the visitors from across the world. But Australia`s unique character is more reflected in its unexplored regions and areas. There is much more to this wonderful country than the well-known iconic landmarks and metropolis.

Those who are travelling to the kangaroo land soon and like to explore the country in a real sense, here is a list of 5 most charming Aussie towns:

Goolwa | South Australia

One of the prettiest towns of Australia, Goolwa is situated at the mouth of Murray which is the country`s longest river. This gorgeous town is a must-see place off the tourist trail and the visitors can simply wander around the historic port, enjoy the sandstone architecture along with many art galleries and restaurants here. If you are travelling with your partner, you will love the coastal views from the sand dunes close to the boardwalk. Apply for online Australia ETA to discover the beauty of Goolwa.

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Kalgoorlie | Western Australia

If you want to witness a typical country town in Australia, Kalgoorlie is the place. The town has still maintained its early 19th century feel, when the country had an Old West Lifestyle and relied mainly on building railroads, farming and mining to thrive. In the earlier days, the site was a prosperous gold mining town. Even today, tons of gold are taken out of the ground making it an exciting place for the visitors.

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Alice Springs | Northern Territory

Most of the people think about Alice Springs when it comes to remote destinations in Australia. Alice Springs lure the adventure travelers and for all the right reasons. Located close to the famous Uluru, Alice Springs is located at the border of the McDonnell Ranges that are surrounded by the beautiful gorges. It also offers some of the most enjoyable and memorable walks countrywide along with incredible desert vistas. Want to spice up your trip? Apply for online Australia ETA in time and visit Alice Springs!

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Birdsville | Queensland

A notable town to explore, Birdsville rose to fame due to its traditional outback pubs and annual races. Encompassed by Queensland wilderness, the place enjoys both the beauty of the Diamantina River and the starkness of the Simpson Desert. If you want to witness the horse races then September is the month to visit this place as this is the period when the race begins. With its heritage buildings, impressive sand dunes and flights to scenic Lake Eyre, the town remains a must-visit throughout the year.

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Describing the beauty of Australia that the country exhibits is hard to express in just few words. The experience is meant to be personally witnessed. So apply for your online Australia ETA and visit the Kangaroo Land. To apply for visa, visit australiae-visa.com.






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