3 Reasons to Pick Australia for Your Next FAM-Vacay

Taking a family on a vacation? Taking out all the members of your family for a holiday is next to impossible task. Every member has their own preference and thus, selecting a place to keep the entire family satisfied is a tedious task. But as we say, noting is impossible, there is one place that offers something of interest for everyone – Australia.

Filled with diverse attractions for the whole family to enjoy, Australia has everything. From theme parks and museums for kids, to sun kissed-beaches for the adventurous-ones in the family, the country has attractions for every member to enjoy. So if you are thinking about applying for Australia ETA visa for your entire family, apply from australiae-visa.com, as they offer special discounts for the larger group on visa fee.

So for a family that seeks unique experiences, here are four special experiences to enjoy:

  • Theme Parks in Gold Coast

Let`s begin with the little ones! Travelling with kids at toes is not an easy task but when you are flying to Australia, you can simply relax. The coastal city in Queensland is home to several theme parks to keep your little ones entertained. You can take your kids to Sea World Marine Park where they can observe the marine animals from close distance. Here they can also watch polar bears through the large underwater windows.

Shark Lagoon is another exciting exhibit park, where sharks are at play and you can watch them playing from the top or underwater through large viewing windows. Apply for Australia ETA visa to take your kids on this amazing journey.

  • Snorkeling in Cairns

Known as the gateway to two heritage-listed sites – the Great Barrier Reef and the ancient Daintree Rainforest, the adventure seekers can find solace here. Once here, you can go to pontoon on Moore Reef, which is located on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef via cruise. The snorkeling is easily accessible from here and you can get wetsuits, snorkels, fins, buoyancy vests and masks for your little ones. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters with clown fish and green sea-turtles. Love water sports? Fill the application for Australia ETA visa, today!

  • Beaches in Sydney

Sydney alone is home to 100 beaches, which explain why it is such a popular city in terms of tourism. Although one can visit Bondi Beach, which is the most famous of all the beaches, the Balmoral Beach in northern Sydney is popular as a family-friendly beach. It has low tides with calm currents and enclosed swimming area. The next in the list is the Coogee Beach which is situated in eastern Sydney that is a family beach. This wonderful beach is located next to the historic Wylie`s Bath, a gorgeous tidal pool located on the southern end of the beach.

Discover more of Australia on your family-trip. Apply for Australia ETA visa early to avoid any last-minute disappointments and travel hassle-free. For more visa related information, visit www.australiae-visa.com.

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